Some Paintings related to Rostam and the Shahnameh

Rostam & Sohrab

Sohrab, son of Rostam  fight Goshsab

Rostam fight Esfandyar

Mosaic of Rostam killing the White Demon

Rostam in the Shanameh

Rostam fighting the Demon


Birth of Rostam

Naqsh-e Rostam (in Persian : نقش رستم, ) near Persepolis, Iran

Sohrab dies, Rostam his father killed him

Naqsh-e Rostam (in Persian : نقش رستم, ) near Persepolis, Iran

Rostam statue, Talesh city, Iran

Rostam fighting the Dragon

Sassanid silver plate of a simurgh (Sēnmurw), 7-8th c; Simurgh (Persian: سیمرغ), fabulous mythical flying creature and represente the union between the earth and the sky.

"The simurgh appeared and instructed him upon how to perform a cesarean section thus saving Rudabah and the child, who became one of the greatest Persian heroes, Rostam."

Ferdowsi (Persian: حکیم ابوالقاسم فردوسی توسی), statue in Tehran, Iran.

(935–1020) He was a highly revered Persian poet.

He was the author of the Shāhnāmeh, the national epic of Persian-speakers and of the Iranian World.

Ferdowsi Tomb in Tus, Iran

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